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1. Are any City of Daytona Beach facilities closed?
2. Are city services being affected by the prevention measures for COVID-19?
3. Are the beaches open?
4. FAQs Florida Governor's Phase 1 Reopening Executive Order
5. How can I get more information about the Coronavirus?
6. Should I still come to Daytona Beach for a vacation I have planned?
7. What can you do and not do under the Governor's "Safer At Home" Executive Order?
8. What does the city emergency declaration entail?
9. What is the city's CARE (COVID-19 Assistance Recovery Effort) Program?
10. What resources are available for local businesses?
11. What were the Governor's guidelines issued March 17, 2020?
12. With the Florida Governor’s April 1 “Safer at Home” Executive Order, what businesses are considered essential and allowed to remain open for the next 30 days?