What is your average response time to emergencies?
About 4 minutes.

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1. How do I dispose of non-working smoke detectors?
2. Where do I find employment questions regarding how to and what I need to get hired?
3. How do I dispose of old flammable liquids, paints or antifreeze?
4. Why does a fire engine or rescue truck respond ahead of the private ambulance to medical emergencies?
5. Why do you use motorcycles?
6. How many calls for emergency service do you get each year?
7. How can I get a Daytona Beach Fire Department uniform patch?
8. What is your average response time to emergencies?
9. What is Daytona Beach’s Insurance Services Office rating?
10. How big is your service area and population?
11. How many stations does your Department have?
12. How many fire fighters are on each fire engine?
13. What is a fire fighter’s work schedule?
14. How can we get a tour of a real fire station?
15. Does a National Registry for EMT Certification apply in Florida?