What can the funds be used for?

Mortgage or rental assistance, replacing spoiled food, home repairs, mold and flood damage remediation, insurance deductibles and more.

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1. Who is eligible for the recovery grants?
2. Do I have to apply for FEMA assistance before applying for a grant?
3. Do I have to be approved for FEMA assistance before I can apply for a city grant?
4. If I applied for FEMA and was denied, am I still eligible to apply for a grant?
5. Am I able to receive FEMA assistance and a city grant?
6. Do I have to have insurance to receive a grant?
7. Can I use the grant to pay my insurance deductible?
8. Am I eligible to receive insurance money and a recovery grant?
9. Does the money have to be repaid?
10. How much money can a resident receive?
11. How much money can a small business receive?
12. What can the funds be used for?