Why do children join gangs?
  • Acceptance - Many kids feel that they are not getting the attention they believe they deserve at home.
  • Excitement - This group of kids love the high of committing crimes and getting away with it. They often do their crimes just to be chased by the police. These individuals are adrenaline
    junkies and love the thrill of criminal activity.
  • To earn money - More and more, we are seeing gang members turn towards using the gang to make a profit through illegal activities. Selling narcotics, robberies, burglaries, auto thefts, and
    other property crimes are common in many gangs.
  • Peer Pressure - If your kids are hanging around gangs and gang members, you can almost guarantee that they are being pressured to join the gang. It is important to know who your children
    are associating with.
  • Protection - It is often easier to join the gang than to be victimized on a daily basis.
  • To Socialize - The best parties in town are gang parties. Easy access to liquor, narcotics and girls are attractive to potential gang recruits.

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