Why change forms of government?
Changing the form of local government is a huge decision for a Charter Review Commission to address with many short and long-range implications potentially affecting every facet of local governance.

Although charters have been changed for many reasons, reviews of local government literature on the subject suggest that changes in forms of government are commonly caused by one or more of five factors: a loss of trust in the integrity of the local government due to a pattern of unlawful and or scandalous behaviors on the part of local officials; unmanageable conflict between local officials that hinders the performance of government; inability of local government to successfully address unanticipated crisis; failure of the local government to provide consistency in the delivery of services that the citizens deem to be essential; interest groups seeking to increase their influence in city decision making.

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1. What is a city charter?
2. Why review the charter?
3. What should be changed?
4. What is the legal basis for charters?
5. What are the different forms of government? What type does Daytona Beach have?
6. Why change forms of government?