Copy Fees

In accordance with F.S.S. 119.07(4)(d), an applicable service charge may be assessed for certain requests.


  • Traffic Homicide Investigation Report: $25.00 per report

Reports can be purchased through the Florida Crash Portal.

Extended Research Requests

  • Single-Sided: $0.15 cents per page
  • Double-Sided: $0.20 cents per page
  • Certified Page: $1.00 per page
  • Research & Redactions: $17.67 hourly labor charge plus copy fees (if applicable)
  • Grid Search: $17.67 hourly labor charge plus copy fees (if applicable)
  • Photographs/Video/Audio Duplication: Actual cost of production (cost of materials plus any research/production cost in excess of 30 minutes)

911 Audio/Logs

Please contact the Volusia Sheriff’s Office.

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