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The Geographic Information System (GIS) Division provides timely and quality GIS services to City staff, citizens, and external agencies to support efficient and effective decision making. Learn more about GIS Technology (PDF).


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Daytona City Streets & Index

Daytona City Streets with Index

Commission Zones


Fire Stations

Fire Station Zones

Daytona Beach Future Land Use

Future Land Use Map Civic Plus
Brownfields Civic Plus

Voting Precincts

Municipal Election Precincts

Daytona Beach Zoning Map

Zoning Civic Plus

Police Zones

Police Zones

Shelter Locations

Shelter Locations

Code Enforcement

Neighborhood Services Districts

City of Daytona Beach Map disclaimer:

These maps were developed and produced by the City of Daytona Beach GIS. They are provided for reference only and are not intended to show map-scale accuracy or all-inclusive map features. As indicated, the accuracy of the map has not been verified and it should be used for informational purposes only.

Any possible discrepancies should be brought to the attention of
Pratima Strong GIS Analyst and/or Development Services.

  1. Pratima Strong

    GIS Analyst
    Phone: 386-671-7927

  2. James Pekala

    Utility Engineering Design Technician
    Phone: 386-671-8827

  3. Ed Evanson

    Application Systems Analyst / GIS Administrator
    Phone: 386-671-7914

  4. Geographic Information Systems

    Physical Address
    301 South Ridgewood Ave.
    Room 270
    Daytona Beach, FL 32114

    Phone: (386) 671-7916