New Water Meters

Daytona Beach Begins Advanced Metering Installation

Wireless water meter reading improves efficiency

meter in pitAs part of the City of Daytona Beach's commitment to maintain a high quality of life for our citizens through cost-effective, innovative systems, we recently replaced manual read water meters with an advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) system.

The innovative system replace monthly manual meter reads with a wireless system that collects multiple remote reads per day, allowing for better leak detection, increased billing accuracy and improved customer service.

How does advanced metering work?

Advanced metering works via wireless technology to send readings to regional collectors that transmit the usage data to the city. Regional collectors are located on existing, privately owned structures throughout the city.

What are the benefits of the new meters and technology for the residents?

  • More consistent and accurate consumption readings
  • Daily and monthly usage charts
  • 24-hour leak detection
  • High and low consumption alerts
  • Alarms for unsafe conditions like cut wires and backflow conditions

Preserving and protecting the environment

Advanced metering supports our commitment to preserving and protecting our environment by reducing carbon emissions by taking meter readers off of the road, enhancing our ability to quickly detect and stop leaks and providing customers with daily information on water use so that they can improve their efforts to conserve. Sensus, the Raleigh-based manufacturer of the wireless water meters, is a global leader in utility infrastructure systems and resource conservation and supports the city's commitment to maintaining a high quality of life for our citizens through cost-effective, innovative programs.

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