A municipal separate storm sewer system (MS4) is a publicly-owned conveyance or system of conveyances (i.e., ditches, curbs, catch basins, underground pipes, etc.) designed or used for collecting or conveying stormwater and that discharges to surface waters of the state. Examples of MS4 operators include, but are not limited to, municipalities, counties, community development districts, universities, military bases or federal correctional facilities.

The City of Daytona Beach operates its Phase II MS4 under NPDES MS4 Permit number FLR04E001, which is issued by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP). The following activities are performed to help meet the required minimum control measures and may include:

  • Educating the city’s residents and businesses on the common causes of pollution and how to prevent them.
  • Working with other city departments to ensure that city sites and projects are kept operating under the best management and housekeeping practices to reduce the city’s contribution to pollution.
  • Working with other city departments to ensure construction sites are monitored and in compliance with their NPDES permit.
  • Training and educating city staff regarding the NPDES permit and Best Management Practices (BMPs).
  • Mapping of the city’s stormwater conveyance system.
  • Adopting an Illicit Discharge Ordinance.
  • Working with other city departments to ensure that both industrial and commercial sites are inspected during and after construction for possible pollution discharges.
  • Educating the city’s residents and business owners on pollution prevention and good housekeeping practices.