Residential Facade Grant


The purpose of the façade grant program is to provide assistance for improving building appearance and encouraging investment in single-family homes in zoned single-family redevelopment areas.


Homesteaded single-family homeowners in the Downtown, Main Street and Midtown Redevelopment Areas are eligible, providing the following is met:

  • Applicant must be the owner of a single-family residential property with a homestead exemption or proposing to convert a residential property to qualify for a homestead exemption, subject to the criteria in Section IV A.
  • Permitted use in the zoning district
  • Chain link fence cannot be in the front yard of the home (read yard is acceptable). Grant funds can be used to remove or replace the chain link fences with picket fences.

Eligible Exterior Improvements

The intent of the grant is for visible improvements to the exterior façade for residential buildings.

  • Removal of false façade (front)
  • Restoration to the building's original constructed materials
  • Stucco or clapboard restoration
  • Painting (colors must be approved)
  • Windows or door repair or replacement
  • Porch replacement and carpentry
  • Picket fences in front of buildings
  • Removal or replacement of front yard chain link fences
  • Awnings (including the removal of old awnings and canopies and installation of new canvas awnings)
  • Installation of front lawn landscaping and irrigation
  • Installation of brick or textured pavement
  • Replace historic, barrel tile roofs
  • Roof repair (Midtown Redevelopment Area only)
  • Installation of air conditioning units (Midtown Redevelopment Area only)

Project Funding

Existing owner occupied homes will be eligible for up to 50% of the total project cost with no single grant exceeding $5,000. Two estimates from a licensed contractor is required.


Residential Facade Grant Application (PDF)

Additional information about the Residential Facade Grant program (PDF)