Commercial Facade Grant


The purpose of this program is to provide assistance for improving both the interior and exterior of commercial buildings to increase occupancy.


Any commercial building within any redevelopment area is eligible, providing the building has permitted uses. The intent of the grant is for visible improvements to the exterior façade with interior or exterior improvements.

Eligible Exterior Improvements

  • Brick or textured pavement
  • Construction of a new entrance
  • Landscaping, planters and exterior lighting
  • New windows / doors or replacements
  • Painting, masonry and stucco repair and new or replacement woodwork (all colors must be approved)
  • Pressure cleaning
  • Removal of a false facade
  • Roof repair
  • Signs and awnings

Project Funding

Property owners are eligible to be reimbursed one time for 50% of the cost of materials and professional, contracted labor for each storefront address with a maximum grant of $5,000 with an overall maximum of $10,000 per property that contains multiple addresses.


Commercial Facade Grant Application (PDF)

Additional information about the Commercial Facade Grant program (PDF)