Business Licensing

Occupational Licenses

To conduct business in the City of Daytona Beach, you must have a city-issued occupational license, even for those businesses which are based from your home. If you have general questions, please call (386) 671-8280.

Application Process

Applicants can obtain a City of Daytona Beach occupational license online or in person at City Hall, 301 South Ridgewood Avenue, on the first floor room 127B. View our Starting a New Business page for information on how to open a business.


To obtain an occupational license, you must attach copies of the following forms and or certificates when submitting the completed application:

  • Auto repair shops, telemarketers, health and dance studios, and travel agencies must show their permit registration or an exemption from the State of Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.
  • Department of Business and Professional Regulation license or certificate (if applicable)
  • Federal employers' identification certificate (if applicable)
  • Occupational license / Business Tax Receipt Application (PDF) 
  • Proof of fictitious name registration and/or Incorporation registration from the State of Florida (if applicable)
  • State sales tax certificate (if applicable)


Additionally, ensure that you bring a means of payment for the license and inspection. Cash, checks and credit cards will be accepted for payment.

Occupational / Business Tax Receipts

Occupational / business tax receipts are enforced by the Daytona Beach City Code of Ordinances , Chapter 90, Article V. You may call (386) 671-8140 to obtain information on the City Code of Ordinances.


City Licenses

Daytona Beach has fixed license fees as established by the city commission in 1981. Some license categories have graduating scales of fees. You may be required to purchase more than one city license. For example, if your business offers items for retail sales and repair services, separate licenses would be required for each service.

Renew Business Tax Receipt

All of Daytona Beach’s businesses are required to have a current Business Tax Receipt, which expire on September 30 of each year. Renewals can be done online or in-person at City Hall, 301 S. Ridgewood Ave. or online. Please call (386) 671-8280 if you have questions.


Depending upon your business location, an inspection of the property may be necessary. If required, a $55.10 payment will be required at the time the inspection is scheduled. If scheduled, you will be given a specific time and date of the inspection.

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