Battalion Chief Position

The assessment process is planned for May 2-3, 2023. It will be a Pass or Fail, with the Passing Point set at 70% for each component of the testing process. 

Assessment process will cover the following dimensions: Oral Communication, Problem Solving/Decision Making, Interpersonal Relations, Management/Leadership, Planning/Organization, Adaptability/Flexibility, Professional Demeanor, Fire/Emergency Scene Tactics & Strategy, and Written Communication. 

The assessment process will be a three (3) components process: 1. Formal structured interview, 2. Role Playing/Conflict resolution and 3. Tactical exercises to be presented by an assessment contractor and utilizing a professional panel of raters is proposed in order to measure candidate's skills, knowledge and abilities in the above-mentioned dimensions as related to the position of Battalion Chief. 


Please click on link for access to the DBFD Bibliographies: 


Results will be calculated by the assessment contractor. Successful completion of  the assessment process will result in placement on the Battalion Chief promotional eligibility list. The eligibility list established for this process shall remain valid for a period of one (1) year.