Frauds & Scams

Don't Become A Fraud Victim!

The Daytona Beach Police Department’s Advanced Technology & Cyber Crimes (ATAC) Unit has some helpful advice for reducing your risk of becoming a fraud victim.   

  1. No legitimate agency, company or organization will ever ask you to pay a fine or bill with a pre-paid Visa or Mastercard, a department store gift card, an iTunes card or any other non-standard method of payment. If someone asks you for one of those options, it’s very likely a scam. Don’t do it.
  2. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will never call you and ask you to make a payment. This is generally conducted via the mail or when you call them. 
  3. The Social Security Administration (SSA) will never call you to tell you that your social security number (SSN) has been suspended. Your SSN cannot be suspended. It is yours for life. 
  4. No legitimate company will ever send you a check in return for you sending money back to them. These scammers will cancel their check once you send them your money, leaving you with a negative balance. 
  5. Never send intimate photos to someone you met online, no matter how real their profile appears to be. This is often a blackmail scam where they will threaten to post these images on your family and friends’ social media unless you either pay them or send them more images. 
  6. Never open emails you were not expecting, even though the email may appear to be legitimate. They may contain a virus or malicious software that can steal your information.  
  7. If an email contains a Word, Excel, PDF, or any other attachment which asks you to install a plugin or any other software to view the contents, it likely contains malicious software. You should stop the process and immediately delete the email and document.  
  8. Never allow an unverified person or company to have remote access to your computer.  This is true even if they say that they are with Microsoft, Geek Squad or any other organization.  Once someone has remote access to your computer, they have access to everything you have ever done on that system. That can include banking information, emails, passwords, your home address, photos and pretty much anything else important in your life. 

Want To Know More?

Are you hosting a large neighborhood or community event and would like the Advanced Technology and Cyber Crimes unit to come and speak about online safety or protecting yourself from fraud? Please reach out to Sgt. Tim Ehrenkaufer.

  1. David Dinardi

    Police Sergeant