Community Paramedicine


Community Paramedicine is a program offered to those referred from within the City of Daytona Beach and Daytona Beach Fire Department services. The program consists of Paramedics/EMTs and operates under the direction of the Daytona Beach Fire Department and offices are within the Fire Administration. The program is designed to assist those Daytona Beach residents with Non-Emergent and Chronic Health needs in providing assistance in safety, education, locating, and establishing a connection to resources within the community.  

Why Community Paramedicine is needed:
  • Increased demand on emergency responses
  • Excessive 9-1-1 utilization and abuse
  • Increase demand on hospitals for non-emergency issues
  • Identified by community health needs assessment (falls, diabetes, chronic illnesses, mental health, substance abuse)
  • Citizens not understanding how to access or navigate through the available resources in our community
  • Unnecessary medical complications due to lack of assistance