Legislative Priorities

Daytona Beach Legislative Priorities for 2019-2020

State Priorities

  • Support for funding to assist city match cost of U.S. Army Corps of Engineers flood mitigation study. This is a congressionally approved study and a prerequisite for any future federal funding to address Daytona Beach flooding. Cost of the study is $3 million. The city’s required match is 50%. The legislative request is for $750,000.

  • Support for local government regulation authority of short-term property rentals.

  • Support for maintaining local government home rule authority.

  • Support for funding for infrastructure projects that improve water quality and assist in aquifer recharge.

  • Support for agency funding. Support for agency programs that provide assistance to local government for projects such as historic preservation, master planning, improvement to public areas, environmental enhancement activity, beautification, trail development and transportation infrastructure.

  • Utility system improvements
    • Funding assistance in the amount of $10 million for expansion of utilities to the city’s western service area. This initiative would include construction of a 20” raw water main, a 20” potable water main, a 16” sanitary sewer forcemain and a 14” reuse main. Plans for these projects call for simultaneous construction, which will represent a significant cost savings. These infrastructure improvements will address the following service needs: 
      • Currently the city has one aging raw water supply line from its wellfields to the city’s water treatment plant that needs replacement.
      • The western service area has low water pressure, which doesn’t provide adequate fire protections.
      • Current sanitary sewer forcemains in the area are undersized and are at capacity. 
      • There is no current reuse service in this area. 
      • These improvements would also help facilitate the development of an industrial park owned by Consolidated Tomoka.

Federal Priorities

  • Advocate for the city's Stormwater Retention and Flood Protection feasibility study allocation, as authorized by the Water Resources Reform and Development Act (WRRDA), with the Congressional Delegation, Army Corps of Engineers and Office of Management & Budget.

  • Federal support for projects identified in city's flooding and drainage mitigation master plan.

  • Federal support of local homeless initiatives.

  • Seek federal resources to support the city's workforce development initiatives through the Department of Labor and relevant legislative proposals.

  • With the creation of Opportunity Zones through the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, monitor Treasury Department regulations to foster community development within the City's three approved census tracks.

  • Identify public safety related resources, including support for personnel, equipment, technology, and the Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) and Byrne Discretionary Grants.

  • Funding for development and enhancement of recreational and cultural facilities.

  • Funding for city's priority economic development related infrastructure projects and economic development financial incentives through programs such as the Economic Development Administration (EDA) Public Works Grants, Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), and the Better Utilizing Investments to Leverage Development (BUILD) Grant.

  • Identify resources and partnerships to enhance neighborhood stabilization and redevelopment.

  • Pursue federal resources to support the Farmer's Market Promotion Program.