Legislative Priorities

Daytona Beach Legislative Priorities for 2020-2021

State Priorities

  • Support protection of home rule authority. 
  • Support funding for affordable and workforce housing. 
  • Oppose unfunded mandates.
  • Support for local government regulation authority of short term property rentals.
  • Support funding for infrastructure projects that improve water quality and assist in aquifer recharge. 
  • Support agency programs that provide assistance to local governments in the areas of homelessness, economic development, historic preservation, improvements to public areas, environmental enhancements, beautification, and transportation infrastructure.

Federal Priorities

  • Support for the Blue Carbon for Our Planet Act to protect and preserve coastal ecosystems.
  • Support programs that assist local governments in providing affordable and workforce housing. 
  • Support Federal funding of local homeless initiatives. 
  • Support public safety related resources available to local governments such as funding for personnel, equipment, technology, and the Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) and Byrne Discretionary Grant programs. 
  • Support additional COVID-19 mitigation assistance to local governments. 
  • Support program funding that deliver assistance to local neighborhood stabilization and redevelopment activities.
  • Support programs that provide economic incentive assistance to local governments. 
  • Support project designation and funding allocation for Army Corps of Engineers flooding mitigation study of Nova Canal as authorized by Congress. 
  • Support funding for projects identified in the City’s flooding and drainage mitigation master plan.