Legislative Priorities

Daytona Beach Legislative Priorities for 2021-2022

State Priorities

  • Support for $2 million in state funding for installation of a new Supervisory Control and Date Acquisition System. This $3 million project will provide critical support for control and mitigation of potential sanitary sewer overflow situations. 
  • Support for $1 million in state funding for construction of a new reuse pump station. This $1.5 million project will help enhance distribution of reclaimed water and help meet requirements of Senate Bill 64 passed in the 2021 legislative session. 
  • Support funding of Florida Department of Transportation projects in the Daytona Beach area including the I-95/LPGA Interchange project, replacement of the LPGA/Tomoka River Bridge, and improvement projects such as A1A, East International Speedway Blvd., Seabreeze, and Oakridge projects. 
  • Support protection of home rule authority. 
  • Support funding for affordable and workforce housing. 
  • Oppose unfunded mandates.
  • Support for local government regulation authority of short-term property rentals.
  • Support funding for infrastructure projects that improve water quality and assist in aquifer recharge. 
  • Support agency programs that provide assistance to local governments in the areas of homelessness, economic development, historic preservation, improvements to public areas, environmental enhancements, beautification, coastal resilience and transportation infrastructure.

Federal Priorities

  • Support federal programs that make critical investments in local resilience and mitigation efforts and programs, including innovative approaches such as the Blue Carbon for Our Planet Act to protect and preserve coastal ecosystems. 
  • Support programs that assist local governments in providing affordable and workforce housing. 
  • Support additional federal assistance to local governments for COVID-19 mitigation and recovery efforts, and support implementation of the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARPA) including the full allocation of all direct recovery funding awarded to local governments. 
  • Support Federal funding of local homeless initiatives. 
  • Support public safety programs and grants that assist local governments and their subsidiaries with acquiring personnel, equipment, and technology, such as the Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) and Byrne Discretionary Grant programs. 
  • Support funding for streetscape projects that improve local transportation provide greater access to local businesses.
  • Support program funding that deliver assistance to local neighborhood stabilization and redevelopment activities.
  • Support programs that foster both business and economic development by providing economic incentive assistance to local governments. 
  • Support project designation and funding allocation for Army Corps of Engineers flooding mitigation study of Nova Canal as authorized by Congress. 
  • Support funding for projects identified in the City's flooding and drainage mitigation master plan. 
  • Support federal programs that provide assistance to low-income residents, qualifying businesses, and local services (libraries, schools, etc.) for purchasing “connected devices” (laptops, tablets, etc.) as well as modems, routers and Wi-Fi hotspots. 
  • Support federal programs that fund local efforts to increase access to broadband. 
  • Support federal programs that fund local efforts to increase access to broadband, including partnerships between local governments and broadband providers to implement broadband infrastructure deployment programs to expand access to areas that do not currently have broadband.