Keeping Your Data Safe

The United States Census Bureau's mission is to serve as the nation's leading provider of quality data about its people and economy. Their data stewardship program includes ongoing training, accountability and the lifetime oath that each Census Bureau employee swears to keep your information confidential. Their data stewardship executive policy committee oversees these activities, setting the rules and policies all staff must follow.

The Law Protects Your Information

By law, your information is confidential. Your answers cannot be used against you by any government agency or court. The law is found in Title 13 of the U.S. Code. Anyone who violates this law faces severe penalties.

Cutting-Edge Safeguards To Protect Your Identity

The United States Census Bureau does not identify individuals in the statistics they publish. Their policies and safeguards help them ensure the confidentiality of your information. Their Disclosure Review Board verifies that any product released meets their confidentiality standards.

For more information, visit the United States Census Bureau's website