Permits & Licensing

As of April 15, 2020

The Permits and Licensing Department is closed to the public until further notice.

Please call (386) 671-8178 for assistance.

You may apply online for window & door, roofing and mechanical permits if you are registered with Volusia County Contractor Licensing.

For all other permits, you may email applications to

Fax permit applications to (386) 671-8149.

You are able to pay online. Please call when payment is complete so that we can attach the permit and the placard for you to print out.

Owner/builder applicants please call (386) 671-8178 for information.

All communication will be via email or phone. 


The Permits and Licensing Department provides professional advice and technical expertise about development, building and code matters to citizens, elected officials, appointed boards, the City Manager and city departments. Other services provided include:

  • Planning and developing a vibrant sustainable community
  • Fostering private-sector development to build a healthy economy
  • Focusing on a long-term commitment to economic vitality, environmental integrity and design quality

Permit-Related Zoning Inquiries

  For permit-related zoning inquiries, please contact by email.

Always Check Before Building

Start with zoning to see if what you want to do is feasible and / or allowed. If you currently have a survey, simply bring it and a copy to the office. Your survey should show all current structures and it should also state what FEMA-based flood zone you are in. Below is a minimum list of items required to construct a single-family residence.


If you are planning to build a new home or add to your current home, then two signed and sealed surveys are required, and the surveyor of record shall dimension the structure onto the survey.

Tree Permit

Two site plans and a tree permit form must be submitted if you are building a new structure or adding on to an existing structure.


New structures and additions require plans showing all details such as:

  • All elevation views - These are views of the entire structure from all sides.
  • Footing or monolithic slab - Show location, size, steel placement and type, and strength of concrete to be used.
  • Exterior walls and interior wall layout - Show all downrods, window / door locations, lintels, headers, smoke alarms, ADA accessible bathroom, plumbing fixtures, attic or crawl space access, and properly sized rooms.
  • Roof truss layout and engineering - The roof truss layout must be signed and sealed by the architect or engineer of record. The truss engineering is signed and sealed by the truss manufacturers’ engineer.
  • Typical wall sections - Every different type of wall should be shown from the footing to the roof. These drawings will show the structural connections.
  • Buck details - This shows the attachment, size, and type of wood behind all windows and doors.
  • Energy calculations - This form is usually provided by the mechanical (HVAC) contractor. Manual D or J calculations are also required.
  • Window and door specifications - These must be provided at the jobsite if the form is filled out correctly and shows either the Florida Approval Number, or the Miami-Dade NOA. If neither is available, then two sets of installation details and manufacturer specifications must be submitted.
  • Volusia County impact fee statement - This statement must be submitted when bringing in the permit application package. It indicates whether or not their fees have been paid.
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