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Bethune Point Skateboard Park

Skate park

The city of Daytona Beach unveiled its first skateboard park on November 7, 2009. The facility is located within Bethune Point Park along the Halifax River, accessible from South Beach Street.

Using a combination of pre-cast concrete elements and poured-in-place concrete features, Daytona Beach has created a one-of-a-kind skate park and is one of the premiere facilities in Florida.

Some of the unique features of this park include:
  • Colossal precast concrete clam shell
  • Precast, skateable art pieces such as the roll-over whip, broken pyramid and an extra-wide bent penny
  • Precast bank textured with grooves for an innovative real-world skating experience
  • Unique, in-ground bowl with pool-tile coping

“Daytona Beach is proud to offer its first municipal skate park to our athletic community. The facility’s components will challenge skaters at any skill level and the park is also available for BMX bikers and inline skaters,” said Percy Williamson, director of Leisure Services.

Consent Form
Youths under 17 years of age must provide a signed parental consent form.

Breaking Ground Construction, a Jacksonville firm specializing in skateboard park building, constructed the park which was designed in partnership with Spohn Ranch, a California-based company known for designing courses for skateboarderseveral X-Games competitions.

We hope you enjoy this facility, skate and bike safely and have fun.

History of Park

In 2006, Zone 1 City Commissioner Rick Shiver, members of the skateboarding community including skaters, family and friends, Leisure Services Director Percy Williamson and Deputy Director Lynn Parfitt met for a presentation on skateboarding. From that early meeting and three additional public meetings with over 50 skaters and interested community members, a new vision of a proposed Daytona Beach skateboarding facility was created.

Skaters provided ideas on skate components. Leisure Services prepared a scope of work for the design elements. Pillar Design and Spohn Ranch designed the facility and created the features including one multi-level bowl and the street course. The design includes beginner, intermediate and advanced spaces for skateboarding, inline skating and BMX /freestyle bikes. The park opened on Saturday, November 7, 2009.

Funding for the project was provided by the city of Daytona Beach and the County of Volusia ECHO grant program, which is a competitive grant process which provides funds to construct environmental, cultural, historical and outdoor recreation projects.