Vendors are encouraged to do business with the City of Daytona Beach. Please sign up to our new vendor registration system to receive email notifications of upcoming bids for the goods and services for which you registered. If you are already receiving email notifications of bids prior to 4-18-2018 you will need to re-register on the new system by 9-30-2018 to ensure your information is up to date. We will no longer access our current system after 9-30-18.


The Purchasing Division's primary purpose is to acquire goods and/or services offering the best value, consistent with required specifications, from responsive and responsible vendors so that proper and efficient operations are maintained within the City through procedures bound together by ethics, integrity, and professionalism.

Business Opportunities

All current and expired solicitations (Invitation to Bids or Request for Proposals) since 4-18-18 for goods and services over our bid threshold of $25,000 can be viewed under Public Solicitations. Solicitations prior to 4-18-18 can be viewed under said option. Once an award has been made by City Commission a Notice of Award will be posted under that solicitation. Quotes under the bid threshold are handled separately by each department.


Vendors seeking to do business with the City of Daytona Beach are encouraged to review the Doing Business With the City flyer. Those vendors who want to be notified when formal solicitations are issued for goods and services they offer may register online through the Vendor Registration link. This enables the vendor to receive email notifications for formal solicitations and also makes their information available for staff seeking informal quotes. Once registered, vendors may update their information such as addresses, phone numbers, email, and commodities. Vendor registration is not required but will allow the vendor to be notified by email when a solicitation for goods or services which they offer becomes available.

Local Preference

The City has a local preference ordinance for formal solicitations. The Local Preference clause may be found in the Purchasing Code, Chapter 30-86 of the City's Code of Ordinances (PDF). Some solicitations prohibit the application of local preference. For ITB's, if a vendor meeting the Purchasing Code's definition of a "local vendor" submits a bid that is within 10% of the lowest bid, then the local vendor and lowest (non-local) vendor will have the opportunity to submit a best and final offer that is equal to or lower than the amount of their original bid. Local preference provisions are also in place for RFPs.

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